Видео: LEGO Useless Box - Betwixt the Bricks (Ep 2)

LEGO Useless Box

Switch off the box! Built using LEGO Mindstorms EV3, based on a build by JKBrickworks.

LEGO TUTORIAL: mini Useless Machine

Works sitting on almost any side Join my discord arcade server: https://discord.gg/BgH2wXY.

LEGO GBC Miniloop 08 - Betwixt the Bricks (Ep 1)

New Videos Each Thursday at 3:00 PM (ET) Instructions: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LEGOInstructions Music: Andromeda Coast Music ...

LuuMa EV3 (without cover)

A "useless" Machine that keeps pushing back the switch you just pushed... instructions: ...

17: USELESS MACHINE [ OneSet FunBuild ] MOC With Lego 4094 Inventor | Motor Movers

How many you can build with only one lego set? Checkout my new fun build come every week !

How to Build LEGO Useless Machine

Subscribe for NEW LEGO VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/legochest/?sub_confirmation=1 Hi guys! Today I am going to show ...

Useless Box with LEGO WeDo2.0 & Scratch 3

Useless Box made using LEGO WeDo 2.0 and programmed in Scratch 3. Music Credit to bensound.com Inspiration for ...

Lego useless machine idea!

Here is a quite popular lego robotics build: a lego useless machine! The aim of the useless machine is to completely reverse ...

Lego Technic Useless Machine v.2

Lego Technic Useless Machine / Useless box / Leave me alone box, powered by a Lego M motor.

Lego useless machine instructions 30 SUBS special

Thanks to ThiagoT5. Design by him, instructions by me. Thanks for the 30 subs!

LEGO Shark operated by The Ultimate LEGO Machine

Tomik's Lego Shark Mk II Built out of Set 42066 https://www.youtube.com/user/buildinst/videos combined with JK Brickworks ...

Simple LEGO Useless Box

A machine that is somehow extremely amusing to me and my friends. I saw a lot of these boxes that used MindStorms to toggle ...

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