Видео: Настя и папа делают слизь из яркого блестящего клея

Swimming song - Stacy pretend play Nursery Rhymes & Kid's songs

Nastya and dad are learning how to swim in the pool. They learn to swim, to use sunscreen and goggles for scuba diving ...

Nastya and dad were locked in the room

Nastya and dad can not share the TV and the dispute begins, during which an explosion occurs. Nastya and Dad find themselves ...

Nastya Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop

Nastya opened an ice cream shop and first buyers appeared. But they decided to steal the ice cream. Nastya with the help of ...

Nastya plays with make up toys for girls

Nastya is trying to do makeup but she is not working. Dad decides that Nastya still paints herself early and buys toys for her ...

Nastya and Stacy had a fun challenge

Nastya's dad came up with a fun challenge for children. Nastya and Stacy collect and say the names of all geometric shapes ...

Nastya and her cool dress up and make up toys

The best series about dresses and cosmetics for girls.

Nastya and dad play fun at the farm

Nastya and dad are going to the farm. They feed animals there and pick fruit.

Nastya and papa pretend play at the amusement park

Nastya makes her dad ride with her at the attractions, Dad does not want to, he always talks on the phone. But in fact he is ...

Nastya married

Nastya decided to get married. She asks her dad to arrange a wedding. Dad does not want to let go of his daughter.

Nastya and papa pretend play police

Nastya and her daddy play in the police. They tell little stories for children about how not to behave.

Nastya and dad - strange dreams

Nastya and dad watched horror films at night. Now they have strange dreams and ghosts. Subscribe to Like Nastya Vlog - https ...

Nastya and dad - the best series about princesses

Nastya likes to dress up as a princess and play fictional stories. These stories will show how to behave properly for children ...

Nasty and papa pretend play the restaurant

Nastya and her dad are restaurant workers. One day a very hungry visitor comes to them, who is difficult to feed.

Nastya and Stacy do hairstyles and dye their hair

Stacy does not like her hair and Nastya is trying to help her. They dye their hair, cut hair and do funny hairstyles ...

Nastya pretends to play a nanny for dad

Nastya decided to play with her dad in her mother’s daughters. She began to care for dad like a baby. Dad came up with a way ...

Nastya as a bride and princess

Nastya wants to be a bride, dresses a wedding dress and arranges a real wedding. Then Nastya and her dad decide to go to the ...

What happens if the children's YouTube does not?

Nastya and dad show a comic story for kids about what could happen if children's channels disappear from YouTube.

Nastya turned into a Little Mermaid

Nastya was bitten by a fish and turned it into a Little Mermaid. Nastya dresses up and sets the sea in the house. Subscribe to ...

Nastya and papa playing with toy blocks

Nastya and dad met a dinosaur. They are trying to build a wall from a designer and a house from toy Bloks.

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